Virtual Print - In-House Design & Marketing Executive

Aug 2021 – July 2022

Throughout my experience at Virtual Print, I demonstrated expertise in digital content management and campaign execution. I developed and executed a proactive content plan across various digital channels, maximizing engagement through strategic timing. Leading lead generation efforts on virtualprint.co.nz, I identified and optimized opportunities to drive business growth. 

Collaborating closely with copywriters, I ensured high-quality content creation for digital platforms. Additionally, I successfully
partnered with media agencies to coordinate cross-functional digital media campaigns and analyzed past performance to
derive actionable insights for continuous improvement. 

By integrating an updated customer journey map, I enhanced the overall customer experience both online and in-office. I also effectively managed client briefs, delivering projects within set deadlines and budgets while incorporating feedback. Lastly, I worked alongside the production manager to ensure seamless file preparation for manufacturing production.


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