Ngaa Puna Rerenga Wai


The central graphic element is the takitoru symbol, known for its representation of effective and clear communication.

To bring this concept to life, I have skillfully merged various design elements, resulting in a captivating logo that tells a story. Inspired by the power of unity, I have intricately woven together a rope motif, symbolizing the convergence of multiple streams. These streams flow harmoniously, blending into one another and forming a cohesive bond. This unity not only amplifies their strength but also represents the idea of coming together as one entity.

Through this logo, I aim to convey the importance of effective communication in building strong connections. The intertwining streams signify the fluid exchange of ideas, messages, and information. By visually portraying the concept of unity and interconnectedness, I emphasize the significance of collaboration and cooperation for achieving collective goals.


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